PAREBA Software


120 € *

per hour
  • individual solutions
  • API interface
  • BIG Data
  • data visualizations
  • CRM solutions
  • individual dashboards
  • special requirements
  • mockup creation
  • creation of the specification


450 € *

per month
  • unlimited
    partner programs
  • no setup fee
  • 450 € monthly fee
  • 12 month contract period
  • unlimuted number of commissions
  • unlimited number of ad clicks
  • unlimited number of ad views
  • unlimited number of publishers
  • own domain and layout

Questions and answers about our pricing system.

True to the motto - we keep it simple. For further questions just give us a call.
Telephon + 49 (0) 176 / 97791321.

What is the main difference between the packages?

The difference lies in the different functional designs. Each version has the appropriate requirements for the special case and can also be upgraded later.

Are there any additional costs for hosting?

In general, the software is designed to be installed and operated on our server. In this case, there are only additional costs from a certain amount of traffic. These can be found in the additional price list.

How many different publishers are allowed to register in the system - is this limited with a software package?

The number of members is not limited in any package. You can therefore map a system with 1000 publishers, but also 5,000,000 publishers with the software at no additional cost.

How many transactions are allowed in the packages?

We do not charge a fee for the number of transactions. Basically, we are more pleased when many transactions are carried out via your system and your offer on the market is noticed by advertisers and publishers.

Notice: * All prices do not include VAT
This offer is aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs, dealers or tradespeople who, when concluding this contract, are exercising their commercial or self-employed activity.